Hello world!

WHAT am I DOING here?

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now.  I don’t know what on earth makes me think my days of wife-dom (because I refuse to use “wifery”) or stay-at-home mommying of two girls are quite interesting enough for anybody to give a rip about, but here we are!  And you’re reading it.  So I’m going to assume I’m doing something right already…unless you’re here because you Googled “heart disease” or something and came up with “ohblessyourheart” instead and are getting ready to close your tab before your next bout of chest pains and dizziness.  DON’T.  Stay.  Stick around.  I have cute pictures of kids and dogs, and I understand that can be relaxing.  See?  It’s theraputic!  I should get reimbursements from your health insurance company or something.

So really, why am I here.  I’ve had a Facebook for some time, and tooled around on a couple of little message boards for years and I just enjoy the whole experience of social media.  I think I relate well in writing, honestly probably better than I do in person (I can’t figure out if that’s sad or not.  I think it may be, but let’s not focus on that right now) and I like the responses I get in return.

Now for introductions.  This is me.

This is my adorable computer nerd, Seth.

We started dating in 9th grade and have now at 35 been a couple for well over half our lives.  Hey, statistics on divorce rates: Suck it!

Then there are my girls.

Kristen is 13 now which makes her officially a teenager.  If you have any teenage boys, maybe just keep away from me just for the sake of your safety and theirs.  I kid.  Sort of.  Anyway, Kristen is my book worm.  Most people who don’t know her well think she’s quiet, which is just her way of punking the universe.  This girl can talk.  And she talks fast.  And she uses big words.  She writes books.  She rolls her eyes at the mean girls with too much makeup and Bieber fever.  She has a dry wit that slays me.  When in fifth grade she once said to me about a boy, “He threw a book at me but it didn’t hurt because it was on his reading level.”  Deadpan, fools.  I love that girl.

The adorable uni-dimpler over there is 10 year-old Anna.  Annabanana.  She’s the flirt, the charmer.  She will work the big blue eyes and don’t you dare think otherwise.  She was my little trouble maker as a toddler but sort of mellowed out by the time she started school and now she’s the teacher’s pet the moment she walks through the front doors of the school while still being a character at home.  Those of you who know Anna understand her charming ways already.  The rest of you will figure it out soon enough.

So that’s me!  Now, about you.  Do any of you have your own blog?  If so, tell me about your experiences in the blogosphere.  Help a newbie out!