Rambo to the rescue…

So this afternoon the incredible Dan Rambo of RamAir is coming to gut the AC and replace it with a new, not craptastic model.  Hooray!  I’m over stressing about it because I suddenly realized how fortunate I am that we were able to get it done instead of having to, say, sell one of our children to pay for it. 

I’m just kidding.  I’d never sell the children.  Especially not when I have such an attractive and potentially very marketable husband AND so many under-utilized street corners in Prattville.

Last night was gym night, and it hurt extra good because we hadn’t been in over two weeks.  One of those weeks we were at the lake and the other week we were just lazy and without excuse.  It happens.  I really don’t know why I ever skip, though, because truth be known…I enjoy going.  I’m not talking about going and hopping on a treadmill or some other such torture device.  I mean weight training.  I love it.  I even like the soreness that I get afterwards because it’s evidence that progress is coming.  Plus, it’s almost like a mini-date for the Sethster and I.  No kids.  Just us getting sweaty with big equipment.  See, when I put it that way, how much fun that sounds?  Also, get your mind out of the gutter, pervs.  Geez.

So, my new promise to myself is to make it to the gym for weight time at the very bare minimum of twice a week, preferably three.  I know it should be a definite three technically but sometimes life happens to not cooperate with my fitness goals.  I’m also going to take the famous Leo out for walks a few times a week with the hub (the heat index has been upwards of 110 lately so running is out. of. the. question).  Look, he’s excited already.


Whatcha' think about that?

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