I mean, good morning.  The coffee is being chugged as I type so hopefully this will all be coherent! 

Last night after our delicous tacos, the fam and I hung out and watched old episodes of Monk on Netflix.  I love that my girls like great TV!  Their favorites include Psych and Modern Family.  As you might guess, they each have a great sense of humor, as evidenced by the following:

We deemed these Anna’s “ghet-toes.”  😀

The rest of the evening, no kidding, was spent watching Leo play with and lose his ball underneath various pieces of furniture.


(Is it mean that I actually re-placed the ball under the couch to catch that last picture?)


4 responses

    • Aw, that breaks my heart! It’s not fair that big dogs have a shorter lifespan. Leo is a big ol’ pound puppy so we’re not certain, but I’m pretty sure he’s some sort of mastiff mix. We love him!

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