The husband’s gone gator hunting. And btw: my dog likes intruder balls.

Seriously.  I feel like a cast member of Swamp People.  But with better shoes.  And all my teeth.

Note: Husband is gone, but I am NOT alone.  I have a bigass dog here:

Bigass Dog

 so don’t try to stalk/kill/sneak into bed naked with me (that actually happened to a couple here in town last week.  I would never. sleep. again.).

So yeah, Seth set out this afternoon hoping to help his friend bag a gator.  This is how he dressed. 

So much cuter than Willie Junior

I think he felt the hat terribly necessary to his gator hunting success.  First time gator hunting = over-accessorizing?  I dunno’ but he’s awfully cute.  Also, look how happy Leo looked there.  I think the poor sweet oaf vicious beast who is bloodthirsty for intruder balls thought he was going along. 

And this is what he looked like after Seth left him here with all us girls:

"It's because I'm neutered, isn't it?"

With the girls in bed and Seth not due home until morning, I was at a serious loss as to what to do with myself.  That was, until I remembered I have two whole The Real Housewives of Every Major City in the United States on the DVR and:

G’night, guys!  😀


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