Already blog slacking after just two weeks. But I have excuses!

Ultimately I plan to blog at LEAST once a day.  Really.  I swear it.  But as I mentioned before, the girls start school tomorrow and I think I’d been sort of in denial until this weekend which left me suddenly aware of how woefully unprepared I am, resulting in much panic.  And so, the last two days have been spent scrambling around frantically for 1 1/2 inch binders (not one inch or two inch.  Because that would be crazy.  Only 1 1/2 will do!) and shorts that fall exactly two inches above the knee and do not have those cool distressed holes in them that every single pair of shorts in the world seems to have these days.

Oh and also, I volunteer in the student center on Mondays because I’m the kind of mom who will stalk you even on school grounds likes to be involved in her children’s lives so I have to get my ducks in a row for that too.

AND.  AND.  A week ago, when I was so deep in my denial pie, I arranged for Seth’s mom and a friend to come have lunch and hang out with us by the pool today, as if I have time for hanging out by the pool all afternoon.  The whole time we’re lying around out there, I’m going to be freaking out internally over all the stuff I’m not going to be getting done.  In other words, juuuuust under a very thin veneer of smiling, sunbathing calm will be a bubbling vat of unadulterated crazy.

Consider yourself spared for the rest of the day.  ;-P


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