This is how our day started:

"Mornings are stupid."

 They always start to droop about halfway through that first week of school, don’t they?  I felt sorry for her, don’t get me wrong, but c’mon…that’s kind of funny.

After my morning carpool rush I threw on my walking shoes and leashed up Leo and set out on our usual course only to realize upon my return that I locked myself out of the house.  And Seth is out of town today.  Like, three hours away out of town.  :-l

After frantically checking all of the doors (all locked) I started checking windows like a creepy burglar and discovered that Kristen’s bedroom window slid right up when I pushed it.  I didn’t know whether to be grateful for the in…or pissed that she left her window unlocked for no telling how long now thus fueling many crazy mommy thoughts of various scenarios where some lunatic pedophile murderer sneaks through the window and abducts one or both of my children.  I think a mixture of both is what I finally settled on, along with more than a little thankfulness that nobody else found her window unlocked before I did.   Somebody’s getting a super fun lecture when she gets home!

Next I’m off to my brother’s shop because a mother bobcat was run over just in front of his place of bidness and left at least two little orphaned bobcat kittens (bobkittens?) behind.  My brother heard them crying almost a week after the mother died, so they have been starving out there all alone in the world.  Cue tear-jerking music now. 

Ray Eubanks/The HSUS

Allll byy mah se-ee-ellf...

I cannot stand the thought of the poor babies just wasting away out there so I’ve been taking cat food (let’s face it, Oreo could stand to share anyway) and leaving it behind the shop.  They’ve been eating it so I’m hoping I can keep them alive until they’re old enough to fend for themselves.  Of course, I’m probably completely ruining them because they’ll be all fat from Kit n’ Kaboodle and thus too lazy to hunt.  I can picture them lying around, bellies protruding, yolwing, “Gimme mah cat foods, human!” 

Oh well.  Spoiled baby bobcats are better than starved baby bobcats, am I right?


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