I haven’t been to the gym in a week, and frankly I blame alligators.

Not necessarily any one particular alligator.  The entire species in general.

Tonight is our gym night but Seth got an offer from a guy who works for one of our neighboring counties as a nuisance officer to tag along tonight on another gator hunt.  Since this guy’s job is to remove troublesome critters, he’s got many gators under his belt so Seth is stoked about learning from the master. 

So, that means I’ve temporarily lost my gym buddy and this whole week’s been a wash so far.  I hate to go to the gym alone, so I’ve pinned my failure to lift any weights on Alligator mississippiensis.  (Piensis. heheheh.)  Lucky for my wee muscles, alligator season does not last much longer. 

I probably wouldn’t mind going alone if we went to a more co-ed type of gym, or maybe a YMCA with a more even girl-to-boy ratio, but the one we happen to belong to is mostly big guys who sweat and grunt a lot and who HAVE to be taking something to make themselves look like that (picture the redneck version of The Rock, spotting the good ol’ boy version of The Situation, if you dare).

I think we chose this gym originally because of the appeal 24 hour access, but I’m not sure what crack we were smoking when we came to the conclusion that it was crucial to our fitness goals to be able to workout at 2 a.m. on any given night since that. has. never. happened. 

And while it’s not like I feel unsafe or threatened in any way if I’m alone, it is a little weird.  I become hyper-aware of the fact that I’m the only person in the building with a vagina and automatically assume that everyone is looking at my butt which makes it really hard to focus on my form in the squat rack.  

So to recap, I blame alligators and my steroidyman-infested gym and my ego for my failure to work out this week.  Couldn’t be helped.  What’s a girl to do. 

I’m not letting myself completely off the hook though.  I’m thinking of trying some version of PBfingers’ commercial break workout while I watch junkie television.

Do you typically workout alone, or do you have a workout buddy?


10 responses

    • Fear not, northern friend! The one they got over the weekend was the first I’ve ever seen in person and I’ve lived here my whole life. The good thing about most of our scarier southern monsters is that they stay in the sticks where they belong!
      I do occassionally find a snake in my pool skimmer though…

  1. Haha – I would totally blame alligators too!!

    I prefer going for short training runs alone – but for distance runs and gym time, a buddy makes it a lot more fun! I like the conversation because it makes time fly and sometimes I learn a new workout which is always good.

  2. Oh, I don’t like to run with others, either. Mostly because I suck at running and always feel like I either have to kill myself to keep up, or like I’m holding my running buddy back. So I refuse to run with anyone but Leo because dogs don’t care if I’m slow and pathetic.

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