I dare you to try to explain this to me:


Go on. Just try.

That’s right.  An O.J. Simpson trial stackable Russian doll set.   For the bargain price of $50.  I particular enjoy the little Judge Ito.

I took this at a local flea market this morning, where I also found a KKK member coin from the great state of Georgia (who would buy that??) and K.D. Lang’s best selling CD…wait for it…

Most inappropriate yet hilarious CD title ever

All You Can Eat

I managed to leave empty-handed. 

After flea marketing with my pals, I did the carpool thing and then chaperoned a dance for a bunch of 4th-6th graders at which I may have electric slid my way into my youngest child’s worst nightmares.  I, my friends, am putting on my pajamas and sitting on the couch with a margarita to watch bad TV with what’s-his-face the gator hunter. 

TOMORROW, I will hit the gym and post my weights routine. 

Either that, or I will post a weights routine and tell you I did it when I really didn’t.  You’ll never know, really.

I kid.  I’m going to the gym tomorrow if it kills me. 

So tell me: weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a flea market?


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