I owe someone an apology.

More than just one someone, actually.

I want to send my most heartfelt and sincere apologies to…

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m juicy.

anyone who has ever gotten stuck behind me as I’m towing around my slobber monster.

I swear he isn’t normally so…drippy…but something about being in the car with the windows down gets his juices flowin’ and before I know it the people behind me are thinking, “Huh, I didn’t know it was supposed to rain today…”  Check out those gross dog slobber streaks all down my windows.  I wonder if I could teach him to Windex…

Last night the fam and I went out to eat and as we sat down I noticed something about the people at the table next to us, because I’m a creepy people watcher type person.  Don’t judge me.  It was a mother and son, and no kidding, for the entire time we were there the mom was reading her Kindle and the son was playing with his phone.  They ate their entire meal that way then got up and left without more than three words passing between them the entire time.  I remembered reading an article about how few families sit down for meals together…so I guess at least they were doing that much.  But does it count if you don’t speak?  I think it probably has less to do with some lack of desire to speak to each other as it does with our obsession with our gadgets.  Sometimes I find myself antsy if I have a moment of inactivity where I can’t access my Facebook, text, or something internet-y.  That cannot be healthy, right?  We’ve become a nation full of people who don’t know how to act unless we’re within two feet of some sort of touch screen.  Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of having a couple of hours every evening where nobody is allowed to touch a computer, iPod, television or smart phone.  Am I crazy?  Can it be done?  Will my family mutiny?  Stay tuned to find out! Is your family addicted to gadgets?  Have you ever tried to create a gadget-free zone?


I never finish anyth

Today I’m going to be at Seth’s mom’s.  Painting.  All day.  Weep for me, my people.

All of her remodeling and painting has got me to thinking about how badly I need to paint my own house.  We’ve lived here for about 7 years now and the living and dining rooms haven’t been redone since we’ve arrived.  AND, I intended to paint them after moving in.  Hah.  If there’s an award for procrastination, I should be a multiple winner.

And not only do I procrastinate, but I’m not even very good at finishing the projects that I do start.  Almost every project we’ve tackled on this house is, in at least some small way, unfinished.  We painted the outside, but there’s one window left on the back that is still blue.  We replaced the flooring in the kitchen, yet still haven’t put the quarter-round back at the baseboards.  I redid Kristen’s room, but still haven’t put the outlet covers on behind the furniture.  What’s that about?  I’m sure it says something deep about my psyche, right?

Anyway, I think I’ve decided to be really determined to paint the whole place up and not stop until it’s completely done.  Maybe.  You know.  Soon…ish.  I’m really into the idea of pale, neutral walls and then I want to hang some colorful artwork and get some excitement going in the throw pillow department.  Because I like to live on the edge, people.

Are you a procrastinator, or a go-getter?  And if you are a go-getter, can you teach me how to be one too?!?

My Mason jar herb garden and my 10 year old femme fatale.

The whole fam was lying around last night watching that old Drew Barrymore Cinderella remake, Everafter.  Ever seen it?  It’s pretty cute, as Cinderella remakes go.  But there’s this one part where the evil stepmother (played by Angelica Houston.  She does evil very well) convinces a pudgy servant boy to do something shady for her in her attempt to get the prince to marry her horrible skank of a daughter.  You get the gist, right?  So I say something about how the evil queen is sweet-talking the kid into doing something he shouldn’t and Anna pipes up and says, matter-of-factly,

“Well, that’s how you get stuff from an unattractive man; you sweet-talk ’em!”

Okay, that’s funny yet also kinda’ not okay.  haha.  So, she and I had to have a little discussion and now I feel fairly confident that my ten year old is not going to live a life of weilding her feminine wiles in a cruel and horrible fashion.  Hopefully.

Earlier this week I decided to follow up on one of my Pinterest pins and make a little herb garden using some antique mason jars.  Adorable idea, right?  I had some very old Mason jars lying around…the kind with the lid with the separate little metal piece that slides over the top to hold it on?  So all I needed were the potting soil and the herbs.

I selected oregano, basil and rosemary and I’m so excited that the first two are already sprouting!  According to the seed packets, the rosemary takes a little longer so maybe it’ll pop up soon.  If I haven’t screwed it up already, that is.  I have no green thumb at all so it’ll be fun to see how quickly I kill them all.

C’mon, little rosemary! You can do it!

Check my oregano, ya’ll.


“But how am I supposed to dip my muffins?!?”

I think I mentioned earlier this week that Anna has been having ear troubles.  This is nothing new for us; both of my kids have always had ear troubles…chronic ear infections and even a ruptured eardrum in their toddler/preschool years, tubes for both of them, etc.  Kristen has now outgrown it for the most part and I had begun to think Anna had as well, but recently her ear issues have reappeared and manifiested as hearing difficulties caused by fluid collecting behind her eardrum.

In my attempt to conquer this ear business, I decided to take the advice of a friend and completely remove milk from Anna’s diet to see if it would help.

The problem?  Anna loves milk.  REALLY.  loves.  milk.

This is how it went:

Me:  Anna, I have some news you’re probably not gonna’ like, but hear me out.  We’re going to try cutting out milk for a while to see if it helps with your ears.

Anna:  *confused*  What?  How am I going to EAT BREAKFAST without milk?!?

Me:  Well, we can try other kinds of milk, like soy or almond milk.  I’ve heard almond milk is really yummy.

Anna:  But I don’t like almonds!

Me:  …well, I don’t think it tastes like almonds.  And I’m pretty sure it’s possible to eat breakfast without milk.

Anna:  But…what am I going to dip my muffins in?  And my waffles?  And my toast?!?!

Me:  …maybe we should try less dipping.

Anna:  *drama voice*  Why do you hate me?

Me:  Mostly it’s your face.


Anyway, we tried the almond milk and she hated it (with the signature Anna dramatic flair, of course) so this morning her breakfast was milkless and much to her surprise she survived the ordeal.

I don’t think it helped that her sister was sitting directly across the table sipping a tall, cold glass of delicious milk…

I may have gone wrong in choosing the plain almond milk.  Should I have gotten the vanilla flavor?  Anyone else having little kid ear issues, and have you tried removing milk from their diet, thereby inhumanely forcing him or her to live a dipless life?