I watched Food, Inc. last night and now I’m scared of Monsanto.

I know I’m way behind the curve on this one, but hey.  I’m old.  Cut me some slack.  And get off my lawn!

I really try not to buy too much processed crap, and lately I’ve been buying veggies and fruits from the farmers market so I feel fairly good about most of what we eat with one exception that I’ve been thinking more and more about lately: the meat. 

Not only do I dislike the way the the animals are treated (and make no mistake, I have no ethical problem at all with eating meat; I just would prefer that it be done as humanely and responsibly as possible), but you guys… there was only particularly gross moment in the film where they showed these mass-produced rolls of ground beef “product” that had been cleansed with amonia coming off an assembly line.  *gag*

Long story short, I’ve been sort of interested in buying local beef for some time now and this just seals the deal, ya’ll.  I have been looking around online this morning and found this extremely nifty feature on Food, Inc.‘s website.  It allows you to search your area for organic and local foods!  

I was a little hesitant about checking on buying meat from such a place because I assumed the cost would be astronomical, but check this out:

Just in time for the holidays, or just another great way to feed your family.  As always this von Gal Ranch beef is all natural, and free of all hormones, steriods, and antibiotics.  This package has been put together with the family in mind.  This beef package contains the cuts used most often in a household, and we have kept the price at a level that should fit into any grocery budget.  It consist of 5 packs of lean ground beef, and 2 roast.

We have cut our profits as close as possible, trying to help feed everyones family better beef.  By doing this however it is very difficult to deliever each individual package.  Customer pick up is always available anytime, or I will deliver to any location in Montgomery County that purchases 3 or more packages.


Dude.  Seven meals worth of local beef for $55?  Count me in!  It’s about 45 minutes from us but it also happens to be in the same little town of Ramer, Alabama where Seth’s grandparents are, so we could just swing by there when we’re visiting next time. 

They also offer a larger package deal with steaks and such that I may try after giving this smaller one a shot. 

If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend it.  There is a segment on Monsanto’s war against the small farmer which really stuck with me.  It involved a little old man with a machine that farmers use to shake out the seeds from the other stuff in the dirt.  Apparently Monsanto has basicly made it illegal for a farmer to save his own soybean seeds from his crop, and as a result they were suing this little old man for aiding farmers in what Monsanto considers patent infringement.  The man tried to fight back but Monsanto has such an endless supply of money that they just kept going after him until he was drowning in lawyer’s bills and finally just had to roll over. 

It was also very frustrating to watch the segment on the struggling family who would go through the drive-thru nightly for dinners but then not buy broccoli because it was to expensive at $1.49 a head.  I know what it’s like to have to stretch a grocery budget, but this family was spending over $150 monthly on medication for the overweight, diabetic father that they could be putting toward healthier food instead.  At one point the mother said that she buys soda because it’s so cheap at 4 bottles for five dollars.  Hello…drink water and buy the damn broccoli!  

Something is very wrong here, guys. 

Have you ever seen the movie?  Has it affected how you shop and eat? 


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  1. Oh yes, Food Inc. I actually couldn’t get through it, because it was too disturbing, but I’ve read Omnivore’s Dilemma, which is very similar. We only buy meat direct from farmers now because it is just not OK the way meat is treated like it is a) not a living thing beforehand and b) not going to be ingested by people! Blech.

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