My Mason jar herb garden and my 10 year old femme fatale.

The whole fam was lying around last night watching that old Drew Barrymore Cinderella remake, Everafter.  Ever seen it?  It’s pretty cute, as Cinderella remakes go.  But there’s this one part where the evil stepmother (played by Angelica Houston.  She does evil very well) convinces a pudgy servant boy to do something shady for her in her attempt to get the prince to marry her horrible skank of a daughter.  You get the gist, right?  So I say something about how the evil queen is sweet-talking the kid into doing something he shouldn’t and Anna pipes up and says, matter-of-factly,

“Well, that’s how you get stuff from an unattractive man; you sweet-talk ’em!”

Okay, that’s funny yet also kinda’ not okay.  haha.  So, she and I had to have a little discussion and now I feel fairly confident that my ten year old is not going to live a life of weilding her feminine wiles in a cruel and horrible fashion.  Hopefully.

Earlier this week I decided to follow up on one of my Pinterest pins and make a little herb garden using some antique mason jars.  Adorable idea, right?  I had some very old Mason jars lying around…the kind with the lid with the separate little metal piece that slides over the top to hold it on?  So all I needed were the potting soil and the herbs.

I selected oregano, basil and rosemary and I’m so excited that the first two are already sprouting!  According to the seed packets, the rosemary takes a little longer so maybe it’ll pop up soon.  If I haven’t screwed it up already, that is.  I have no green thumb at all so it’ll be fun to see how quickly I kill them all.

C’mon, little rosemary! You can do it!

Check my oregano, ya’ll.



5 responses

  1. Oooh, that mason jar project sounds great. I might try that today. Not a football family over here; we used to live in Nebraska and we could go ANYWHERE on football Saturday and the game would be playing over speakers or on TV. It was hilarious how people looked at us when we said we hadn’t remembered it was a game day, and didn’t know who they were playing.

    • I hear ya’! We are definitely the lesser football-y people of all of our friends. College football is like a religion here. We used to just hide from it but over the last couple of years we’ve given up and started trying to embrace it. I’m still not sure I completely understand the game (is it just me, or does it seem unnecessarily complicated?), but the parties and the food are always good anyway!

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