Upping the Auntie

(See what I did there?)

7 pounds, 12.6 ounces of pure little boy perfection entered into this world in a hectic operating room crowded with medical professionals and maybe a couple of invisible, newly-assigned angels at around 4:00 pm. yesterday.  Every square inch of the remaining space in the room was  filled with the thick and anxious worry of my little brother, who I am proud to say cried tears of relief and proud papa joy when his first son made his entrance into this world.

I know babies are born every day, but I’m pretty convinced that this one is kind of special, not that I’m biased in any way.   This makes me a proud aunt for the third time and I am pretty sure that I may steal him.  The line between proud aunt and creeper kidnapper is thin, y’all.

Babies are such miracles.


Welcome to the world, Evan Wayne.  Prepare to be spoiled.