Welcome to my blog!  I’m Angie, a 30…something year-old living in Alabama, a wife to a hot computer nerd, mother to two ridiculously incredible girls.  Really this has just turned out to be a blog about nothing and everything at the same time.  And you’re reading it, sucker, so I’m going to assume I’m doing something right already…unless you’re here because you Googled “heart disease” or something and came up with ”oh bless her heart” instead and are getting ready to close your tab before your next bout of chest pains and dizziness.  DON’T.  Stay.  Stick around.  I have cute pictures of kids and animals, and I understand that can be relaxing.

See?  It’s theraputic!  I should probably get reimbursements from your health insurance company or something.


6 responses

  1. That IS therapeutic. But please don’t expect anything from my insurance company. If I can get them talked into paying for full gym membership so I can go to yoga class, I’ll start working on your reimbursement.

    I’ve just finally started blogging, too. I always feel like I have a lot to ‘get out’, and I’m hoping it’s not a backlog of gas or something. I’ve no idea if any of it is anything that anyone would want to read or not, but I’ll keep at it for a bit because…well, just because, I guess.

    You, and your blog, seem clever and charming. Another something to look forward to. 🙂


  2. What if I blog yoga routines, which you can do while reading my theraputic blog? Then I could double-bill your insurance company (!!) and perhaps give you a kickback. I’m certain we can make this work!
    Also, you are too kind and just became my favorite person of the day. I look forward to reading your blog (hey, as for your backlog of gas comment, I just noticed that the word “blog” is “backlog” minus the “ack.” You may be onto something there).

  3. Ok, haaad to come check out the woman behind the amazing dog 😉 And you are too funny! Your writing style is fabulous, so good thing you decided to share yourself with the world, you’re too awesome to be home quietly doing wifey things. What does a wifey do anyway? I should ask my husband, I’m sure he has ideas…

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