I never finish anyth

Today I’m going to be at Seth’s mom’s.  Painting.  All day.  Weep for me, my people.

All of her remodeling and painting has got me to thinking about how badly I need to paint my own house.  We’ve lived here for about 7 years now and the living and dining rooms haven’t been redone since we’ve arrived.  AND, I intended to paint them after moving in.  Hah.  If there’s an award for procrastination, I should be a multiple winner.

And not only do I procrastinate, but I’m not even very good at finishing the projects that I do start.  Almost every project we’ve tackled on this house is, in at least some small way, unfinished.  We painted the outside, but there’s one window left on the back that is still blue.  We replaced the flooring in the kitchen, yet still haven’t put the quarter-round back at the baseboards.  I redid Kristen’s room, but still haven’t put the outlet covers on behind the furniture.  What’s that about?  I’m sure it says something deep about my psyche, right?

Anyway, I think I’ve decided to be really determined to paint the whole place up and not stop until it’s completely done.  Maybe.  You know.  Soon…ish.  I’m really into the idea of pale, neutral walls and then I want to hang some colorful artwork and get some excitement going in the throw pillow department.  Because I like to live on the edge, people.

Are you a procrastinator, or a go-getter?  And if you are a go-getter, can you teach me how to be one too?!?